The HitRanger is made of lightweight steel and since it only weighs 38 pounds, it is easily folded up and carried to practice or a game. The unit is totally self-contained. The player throws the ball to begin the action. A good hitter will only have to throw the ball once, and can continuously hit the ball around by switch-hitting. 1-2-3 players can hit at the same time!

Maybe you have not developed your switch-hitting skills yet, don't worry, one-sided hitting is most common and is also very easy to start. Simply throw the ball around and try to hit it. The harder you throw, the faster the ball comes around. After hitting the ball, it comes around and you can catch the soft rubber tube (above the ball) easily and safely to begin the next pitch. It's safe & fun (even addicting)! It is very low maintenance, there are no gas motors or electric motors to maintain and service. You could hit off other pitching machines blindfolded because the ball is delivered in the same spot every time. What good is that? For reality, you'll get hundreds of swings at a fast moving ball in different locations with the HitRanger.

The benefits are obvious. Many high-school coaches are using it for workstations in the gym on bad-weather days. You cannot knock this unit over. It is very stable, even on gym floors. Many HitRanger users quickly develop terrific switch-hitting skills! The versatility of this unit is amazing because it can help younger players transition from T-Ball, and has sold to Major League organizations for use in their minor-league facilities.  College and professional players hit as hard as they can and the unit does not tip, walk or wobble. It is solid! Give it your best shot, if you can hit it . . .

P.S. ~ A side note, our son finished high school regular district play (6-5A).  His senior year he helped lead his Richland Rebels to a district championship with a whopping .469 batting average!  He also was among the 5A district leaders with 39 runs scored, 38 hits and 5 homeruns.  Without a doubt, the HitRanger was instrumental in his success.


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